Nan Inc Lawsuit

Nan Inc Lawsuits: The Whistleblower Lawsuit

A company such as Nan Inc has received some lawsuits. In this article, we will make a full list of all the lawsuits that we have received. Luckily, most of these lawsuits have been resolved thanks to some hard work from our legal team.

We’ve been on top of all legal issues, and are very happy to have such a dedicated legal team that protects us from false claims.

You are probably here because you heard stories about our Whistleblower lawsuit concering the rail road project.

What We Know

The latest biggest lawsuit that we were a part of was a former employer that claimed we had fired him for the wrong reasons, and was claiming we were doing illegal activities regarding a rail road project.

Of course Patrick Shin does his best efforts to modernise Honolulu and Hawaii. He keeps the community and the environment in mind. Cities and new buildings are build with the help of government and big construction projects such as Nan Inc. It’s ony normal that sometimes people have issues with the way big companies handle their business. We have many counselors to make sure everything happens in the best possible way. Still, this lawsuit was something we could not avoid.

A subcontractor got fired

All of it started after Bosko Petricevic, a subcontractor of Nan Inc, sued his former employer. He stated in court that the local construction firm had engaged in illegal practices. Some of these should be related to the new rail project we are doing in Hawaii, but some other projects were also mentioned. Petricevic claimed to be fired after raising concerns about the legality of the $9.2 billion Honolulu rail project.

Of course, the process has been handled, and the judge ruled in favor of Nan Inc. The jury also rejected Nan Inc’s counterclaim that Petricevic had painted the company’s owner in a false light. Fortunately this lawsuit was just somebody who wanted to hurt our reputation. Patrick Shin stated that “This positive outcome validates all of Nan, Inc.’s hard-working employees and positive reputation in the community for the last 30 years.”

Heavy Regulation in Hawaii

The construction industry in Hawaii has been regulated heavily by lawmakers. When it comes to building projects, the government does not tolerate any form of illegal activities. The team of Nan Inc has a lot of counselors and advisors to make sure we are doing everyhing legally. In 2019, we won the lawsuit thanks to our excellent team that has taken legal care for our company in such a professional way.

We’ve been in a precarious position for a while due to this false bribery lawsuit agains some of our top executives. Luckily, it has been handled in our favor, and now it’s back to business-as-usual. The intention of our former employer was cleary to spark a rebellion. All these claims have been proven to be false. There was no proof whatsoever.

The case has been resolved

On July 21, 2021 the owner of Nan Inc, Patrick Shin won the lawsuit. The jury didn’t agree with Petricevic’s claim and they decided that that he had inaccurately portrayed the company’s CEO and found him guilty of all charges.

This is great news for Patrick Shin and the rest of the Nan Inc. Team because it means the court agrees with Nan Inc. and its rail case.

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Last Update: 10/24/2022