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Owner of Nan Inc Construction

Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin is the owner of a major constraction company located in Honolulu, Hawaii. On this homepage you will learn more him.

Who is Patrick Shin?

Let’s start with everything we know about Patrick Shin, this interesting man who made millions starting one of the most successful contruction companies in Hawaii. Patrick Shin’s real name is actually ”Nan Chul Shin” and he changed his Korean name since it would be more easier for American people to say.

He had been passionate all his live about construction and real estate. This started at a young age and he decided to make a choice and move to the USA. In 1990, he made an even bigger risk, and started a small construction company on the islands of Hawaii, called Nan Inc. Currently this business isn’t that small anymore and it currently employs about 200 people.

Something else you need to know about Patrick Shin is that he loves to give back to the community. Hawaii has done much for his personal life and his business, and the least that he can do is give back to the community. That’s the reason why he also does a lot of volunteering.

He also decided to create this blog called This is meant to be a travel blog about Hawaii. If you’re curious about Hawaii, especially about doing business here, this is a blog that might be valuable for you. We hope you enjoy this blog.

My Passion

My biggest passion is without a doubt my company in Hawaii, Nan Inc. We grew it from a 2-man operation into a multi-million dollar business. Besides my business I also have a big passion for being outdoors. We organize a lot of events for the community. For example, every year we organize the Annual Korean Festival in Hawaii. I try to stay as busy as possible and make time for different activities.

I love being in the outdoor (hiking, running), and going to the beach. I love to know the local community in Hawaii and giving back. “Patrick Shin and Nan Inc had the ability to donate a lot to the local community”. Giving back to the community is a great feeling, and I love to contribute to the Hawaiian community. We have done many local and global charity projects. We have helped a school in the Philippines, contributed to sport clubs in Hawaii, and every year we have the South Korean festival on the island of Hawaii that takes us a big part of our time. Patrick Shin is definitely someone who loves to stay busy.

My Goals

This blog isn’t about Patrick Shin or about Nan Inc in general. I want to talk about the island of Hawaii and the many opportunities this island has given me to start my business, earn a great living, and be a part of a great community. Hawaii has given me a lot and now it’s time to give back.

If you’re curious about Hawaii, especially about doing business here, this is a blog that might be valuable for you. We hope you enjoy this blog.

A view of Hawaii taken by Patrick Shin
A beautiful view of Hawaii

Troubles in Paradise

Sometimes not everything goes according to plan. That’s something that Patrick Shin has realized the hard way. Starting a successful construction company means something people will try to take advantage of you. This was the case when the Nan Inc lawsuit happened. Fortunately, this lawsuit has been over since a couple of years and has been ruled in our favor.

Lawsuits, government changes, tax and other issues are some things to be aware of. Every state has different rules as well, so if you are planning to move to Hawaii and want to start a business, it might be a good idea to have a bit more knowledge about the policies in Hawaii.

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